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Presentation in the Temple.Lk.2:21-35,Jan.2,11

In today’s reading from the Gospel, St. Luke gives an account of the Presentation of Jesus to the Lord at the Temple and the prophetic utterances of Simeon and Anna. According to Leviticus 12:1-8, the birth of a male child disqualifies an Israelite woman from touching any holy object or approaching the Temple for forty days. After that, she must offer sacrifice in Jerusalem. “Among the Jews, the first born sons belonged to the Lord. Those not of the tribe of Levi had to be redeemed—in the temple, to show that they continued to be God’s property.” (Navarre Bible,P.252)When a woman had borne a child, she had to come to the Temple after 40 days for purification. She had to bring a lamb for a burnt offering and a pigeon for a sin offering. If she could not afford the lamb, she was permitted to bring another pigeon. As Mary and Joseph were poor, they brought two pigeons.
But their presentation of Jesus at the Temple became an occasion for Simeon to prophesy that Jesus would bring salvation …

Holy Family,First Sunday of Nativity,Dec.26,10

1st S. of Nativity,Dec.26(Holy Family) This Sunday ,coming immediately after Christmas, we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. The reading from the Gospel of Matthew that we heard just now places before us in a very few words all the troubles, challenges and hardships the young family faced at the outset.
Joseph, Mary and Jesus did not enjoy a comfortable environment at the beginning of their family life. They had to endure tremendous hardships just to be alive.
After all the marvelous happenings after the birth of Jesus-- the visit of the Magi, the greeting of the shepherds, the appearance of the angels to the shepherds-- things have not yet settled down for them for a happy family life. All of a sudden, Joseph was asked to leave Bethlehem for Egypt. We can only imagine the ordeal and hardships of the young family on their flight to Egypt. Leaving for a foreign country with no preparations, with no friends and with no money would definitely be very hazardous in those days. They had…


Christmas,Dec.25,10(Lk.2:1-20)On this Christmas Day, the most beautiful day in our Christian life, we remember the immensity and the depth of God’s love for each one of us. As poet Donne says, it is a great event whenman is raised to the status of divine glory but it is an incredible blessing whenGod comes down to the level of a mortal being. That is what we celebrate on Christmas Day--w God becoming man.There was a millionaire in New York who loved collecting paintings of great artists. He had a son and he took his son with him whenever he went to buy these great masterpieces. He wanted to make his son a lover of great works of art. When the son finished school, he was drafted into the army. One day, the father got the saddest news of his life—the death of his only son. After a few months, a young soldier, a friend of his son, came to visit him with his belongings. Along with that, he gave the father a self-portrait in pencil drawing done by his son. It was not a beautiful drawing. B…

Advent 3rd Sunday,Dec.12,10,Lk.1:57-66

Advent,3rd S.,Dec.12,10Advent.3rd S,Dec.12,10
( Lk.1:57-66)

When John XX111 was elected thePope in 1958,many wondered what he would do as he was very advanced in age. Many thought of his papacy as a stop-gap arrangement and as a waiting time for another talented and young Pope to resume the work after the end of his reign. The question on the lips of many was “What can he do? Or what will become of him?” Such questions and doubts were in the minds of a lot of people of that period. They had no idea of the cataclysmic changes that would take place in the history of the Church because of the bold initiatives he took in calling into session the Vatican Council.
Today’s Gospel sets before us questions of a similar nature that were asked at the beginning of the history of our salvation. But they are not questions of worry or anxiety but of expectations and hopes. For the people of that time began to see miracles happening before their own very eyes. Elizabeth who was never thought o…

Advent 2nd Sunday,Dec.5,10

dvent 2nd S,Dec.5,10Advent 2nd S.Dec.5,10

Today, on this second Sunday of Advent, we are called to reflect on the life, words and the response of the Blessed Virgin Mary for a fuller understanding of the spiritual preparedness for the celebration of Christmas. Is there any life more worthy, is there any response more appropriate than that of the Blessed Virgin Mary to reflect on in this liturgical season? Through her words, “‘Thy will be done”, Mary surrenders herself totally to the will of God and her surrender becomes the prototype of the life of every disciple of Christ.The words that Mary said in response to the annunciation form the most magnificent responses that man ever gave to God’s initiative: “Thy will be done.” In those few words, we come to experience her unreserved and total surrender to the will of God. This unique response has made her the most beautiful person in the history of mankind. Her life has evoked admiring responses from poets and saints…