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The Kingship of Christ

The Kingship of Christ,10
Pallikoodasa,4th S.

(Mt.22:41-23-12)Rev. John Powell narrates in his book “The Christian Vision “a legend about an old Irish King who wanted to adopt a son as he had no children. Two qualifications were stressed for those who would like to be adopted. The person should have a deep love for God and for his neighbor. One young man who heard of this decided to go for an interview with the King. He had no robes or expensive clothes. But he borrowed them from his friends. After weeks of traveling, he reached the entrance to the castle. But there he saw a beggar in tattered clothes asking him for his robes for protection from the cold. He gave his robe to him and took the tattered clothes of the beggar. He was ushered in the presence of the king. But there, to his surprise, he saw the beggar sitting in resplendent clothes as the King.It is in the poor that we see the Kingship of Jesus Christ. It is when we become humble and poor that we become followers of …

Cleansing of the Temple,Pallikoodas,3rdS,Nov.14,10

Pallikoodasa 3rd S.Nov.15,09

In today’s Gospel, we find Jesus making his annual pilgrimage like any other Israelite to the Temple. But the sights and sounds that he saw there shocked him.
The Temple for the Israelites is their most sacred place where they offer worship and praise to the Lord their God. In Deut.16,16, the Israelites are asked to make an annual pilgrimage for the Passover to the Temple and offer sacrifices. Those who could afford are asked to sacrifice an ox or a sheep and the poor two turtle doves or pigeons.
The Passover is celebrated on the 14th day of the month of Nisan (the first month of the Jewish year) and is followed by the festival of the unleavened bread.
Jesus comes to the Temple for the Passover celebration. The spectacle of trading, and the scene of shouting and bargaining that go with it provoke in Jesus such a moral outrage that he lashes out at the traders and money changers and drives them away from Temple.

The people who are there a…